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The VonTrapp Registry

Once a VonTrapp, always a Vontrapp

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This community is intended for amateur / community theatre actors who have played, will play, or are hoping to play one of the VonTrapp children (though other characters are totally welcome to join as well!!!) in a production of The Sound of Music.

This is a place to post pictures from your production, share stories, and ask or give advice to other "VonTrapp hopefulls".

How to Join

Just click the button! I will approve pretty much anyone who asks to join - I just like to know who's joining the fun!


1) PLAY NICE. Flaming, trolling and otherwise disrespecting your fellow members will result in immediate removal from the community. In general, treat other posters the way you want to be treated.

2)USE YOUR CUT TAGS. If you are posting pictures or anything else that will take up a lot of space, please place the entry under a cut.

3) STAY ON TOPIC. It's a no-brainer but still important. This is a community for productions of The Sound of Music so please keep your posts in that neighbourhood. Promoting other Sound of Music or theatre comms is perfectly fine as long as it's not done to excess. The posting of graphics such as icons, friends only banners etc. as well as artwork and/or fanfic is welcome as well.

4) TAG YOUR ENTRIES. Any time you post, please tag your entry with your user name/ nick name only. This makes tracking down entries a good deal easier.

Above all else, have fun posting and sharing your memories! If you'd like to introduce yourself, feel free to use the following template for your first post:

Theatre Group:
A Brief Theatrical History:
Other Interests:
Famous Last Words: