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tsom - Liesl's in love

kitness in once_a_vontrapp

Brand spanking new

This is the very first entry made in this community. Oh what a momentous occasion. I am your friendly neighbourhood moderator and community creator. Here's my introductory blurb-type-thing:

Name/nickname: Megan, but you'll mostly see me as Kit or Kitness 'round the interweb.
Character: Liesl (though I am totally NOT sixteen going on seventeen. I am actually 21 going on 22)
Theatre Group: Curtain Call Players
A Brief Theatrical History: I have been involved in community theatre since I was...five. Give or take. My first show was Jesus Christ Superstar. I was eight at the time and got hit int he face with a palm frond. Haven't looked back since. After that I participated in various youth production until I found my way to Curtain Call Players (CCP) via my parents (who are theatre geeks like me) when I was twelve. I have since been involved in over twelve CCP production and have been onstage for six of those. The Sound of Music was the latest production - it opened April of this year - and Liesl was my first lead role. Previous shows include: Annie Get Your Gun, Victor/Victoria, Oklahoma!, The Will Rogers Follies, and A Sentimental Journey: A Wartime Love Story.
Other Interests: I am in college studying classical animation. Drawing and theatre are my two biggest passions - I am very lucky to be able to do both. I watch a lot of television and I am a scary avid reader - I LOVE books. I also like to write (badly) and play soccer (not badly). These are no brainers considering, but I love to sing and dance. I took dance lessons for eleven years.
Famous Last Words: I once fell down a flight of stairs in a garbage can. It's true, I did.

There you have it. I made this commonity after slogging through forty-eight pages of Google hits looking for other community theatre productions of SoM. I decided it really shouldn't be that hard for fellow Sound of Musicers to find each other. And if you all had a great an experience as I did putting on this show, than you'll want to share your experiences as much as I do.



No problem! We're kind of dead lately (what with the whole three members thing) but new people will help that so welcome!!!
Once a VonTrapp

December 2006

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